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To perform General Transcription, you must transcribe voice recordings accurately into a written transcript that meets specific format and style requirements set by the client. The voice recordings cover various topics such as business, IT, consumer goods, insurance, medical content, academia, and finance. The recordings may feature single or multiple speakers, and the audio quality can vary, so a high level of comprehension is essential to pick up on nuances in the recording. To handle the diversity of transcription topics, you need a broad vocabulary and strong research skills, and an excellent command of the English language, including grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, is necessary to produce a reader-friendly transcript. You must also have outstanding auditory and memory skills, along with a typing speed of at least 60 words per minute, to transcribe 30-120 minutes of audio within a 12-hour deadline. Due to the volume of work, we prefer to work with full-time independent contractors who can work remotely from anywhere.

Working on Laptop


Accurate, error-free, and client-ready transcript

1. Precisely transcribe audio recordings into a written document that conforms to the appropriate formatting standards.

  • Ensure that the transcription adheres to the specific guidelines and style preferred by the client. Take note of any special instructions regarding format.

  • Ensure that the transcription follows the client's preferred format, with attention to spacing, margin, and any other necessary details within the provided template.

  • Read and refer to all the resources provided about the transcription assignment.

2. Edit from state to end the transcribed written document from start to end (text with audio), with a focus on accuracy, punctuation, and sentence structure.

  • Check for verbatim accuracy.

  • Check for correct & proper punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and sentence structure.

  • Ensure that all transcription requirements specific to the client, including those related to numbering, formatting, and any special rules, are accurately incorporated into the transcript.

  • Verify unfamiliar words/terms/names through Google research.

  • Notate inaudible or phonetics word(s) in the transcript with a timestamp.

3. After editing the transcript from start to end, proofread it carefully to catch any errors that may have been missed.

  • Use the "Find" function to identify and correct common mistakes individually.

  • Make an effort to resolve any remaining inaudible or phonetically spelled words.

  • Use the spell and grammar check to ensure the transcript is error-free.


Meticulous, research-driven, and detail-oriented transcriptionist with versatility in transitioning between different transcription styles and genres.

  • Capable of following provided instructions with precision. 

  • Has outstanding auditory and memory skills and can maintain focus for long durations.

  • Quick to learn, research-driven, and process-oriented, with a solid grasp of standard English language rules such as AP style. 

  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel tools and functions. 

  • Respects confidentiality and privacy. 

  • Can work effectively under tight time constraints to meet strict deadlines.

  • A reliable team player who communicates promptly and efficiently. Extremely attentive to detail, with a keen eye for identifying and correcting errors within a transcript.



  • Windows 7 or Higher

  • Licensed Microsoft Office

  • Licensed antivirus software

  • Licensed Express Scribe Pro

  • Skype Account

  • Quality noise cancellation transcription headset

  • Reliable & stable DSL

  • A password protected account used only by you on your computer.

  • A work environment free of disruptions and ability to work independently.


  • Provide and sign the following:

    • Independent Contractor Agreement

    • NDA

    • Social Media Responsible Use Policy

    • Transcript Guidelines

    • Direct Deposit Authorization

  • 1 government issued ID.


We pay per audio hour. The rate will depend on the client, type of transcription, and the transcriptionist's skills. We disburse payments bi-monthly through the following:

  • Bank Deposit (Philippines & US)

  • PayPal (outside of the Philippines & US)

Applicants must be willing to undergo Skills Assessment and Transcription Testing



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