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“The Democrats are clowns. They’re being left at all over the world.”

These people are clowns. The Democrats are clowns. They’re being left at all over the world. And I watched this morning. I watched Nancy Pelosi trying to get through that with the performance that Robert Mueller put on where I don’t think he ever read the agreement or the document. And the document said, “No collusion.” They don’t even talk about that, so there was no crime. They said, “Well, there was no crime,” but he obstructed. How do you obstruct? There’s no crime. But actually, it was worse than that because it was a phony crime that they put on. The crime was what they put on.

But I watched Mueller. For 2-1/2 years we’ve watched this and that’s the best they have. And it’s a disgrace, and the world is laughing at him. And unfortunately, it’s so bad for our country. It’s bad in our relationships with other countries including Russia. There’s no reason we shouldn’t get along with Russia. There’s no reason we shouldn’t get along with other countries.

And one of the things that’s nice about Guatemala is we’ve never had a better relationship.

Right now, they’ve agreed to do something that’s very good for the United States. And we’re going to work with them also. It’s going to be a partnership. And it’s happening with Mexico too. We never had any kind of cooperation with Mexico ever until this president frankly and my presidency where you have maybe 21,000—could be 26,000—soldiers.

And it’s so good for Mexico because they’re getting rid of the cartels—which everybody knows they’ve been running big portions of Mexico—and the coyotes and all of these terrible people. Mexico has done a great job for their people. The president has done a great job for his people. And President Morales has done a great job by doing this because now he has a friend in the United States instead of an enemy of the United States.

SEE FULL VIDEO by Fox 10 Phoenix

(8:38 to 10:37)

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