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Updated: Aug 23, 2019


These workers aren’t too fazed about the robot takeover, but it gets odder and the lines get more blurred when you meet Japan’s ultrarealistic robot population.

I want to extend the possibility of the humans by changing the definition of a human. So, I think if we do that, we can have a much understanding about humans.

So, it’s not just manufacturing jobs that will be taken over by robots, office workers might find themselves obsolete too.

The boundary between human and robot is going to disappear soon. We cannot separate human and robot. We are the same.

Up until now, in terms of reacting to robots, people haven’t smiled at a robot nor have they laughed at a joke told by a robot. But today, people actually have these reasons. Seeing this makes me very happy and at the same time convinces me that the Age of Robots is coming.

In the East, we believe all things have a soul. It’s natural for us to think even an inanimate thing has a soul. A tree has a soul, so does a robot.

With this doll, you can change its features such as the hair and the eyes. You can customize its facial expression. You can make it look very much like your ideal girl.

Some people love girls from anime more than those in the real world, many people do.

When technology is given too much priority, technology specialist harbor wild fancies. In a sense, it’s a vice that they have.


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